Rosewood Mala Bracelet / Necklace (Large)


This is a 108 mala bead bracelet or necklace. The beads are a variety of red Rosewood. This natural material guarantees not to tarnish nor fade when worn. The entire necklace is 71cm long with the diameter for each bead being 0.8cm. The main bead features a Chinese character, which is hand-carved and painted in gold colour. The Chinese character reads Fo, which translates as The Buddha. This piece is secured with a durable elastic cord and can be worn as a necklace or bracelet that can be wrapped around the wrist a few times.

  • Origin of Design: Tibetan
  • Material: Rosewood
  • Perimeter Length: 71cm
  • Beads Size: 0.8cm each
  • Durable elastic cord
  • Color: Purple red